Happy New Year 2018

A brand new year for me, good bye 2017, you were a crazy one, battling cancer, fighting for my life, losing my boobs, my hair, my control … but was it worth it ? I sure hope so !  I started a new company, became cancer free, grew closer with my husband, and found a strength within myself that I never knew I had.  I am also probably happier now than I was a year ago, mainly because I feel my life today is a gift.  I received a gift from the universe, my angels, God, however you want to look at it, but I really feel that life was given back to me, and it could have easily been taken away.  So 2017, I have to say thank you, but I also have to say, good riddance !

New Years Eve

So, on New Years Eve, in my dreams, I got a message from the universe that I don’t need to fight anymore, I am taken care of, I have my life back, it is a gift from the universe, and I can relax now.  I’m not joking, this was really in my dream.  But what does it all mean?  How do I thank the universe for giving back my life to me?  I know I can do anything I set my mind to.  I know I want to help raise money to find a cure for cancer.  I know I want to help anyone who is suffering from cancer.  I know I want to give back to the world to help make it a better place.  But again, what does that mean I need to do ?  Take care of myself for one.  If my life is a gift, I might look at it a little differently.  I might make healthier choices in my diet.  I might try to sleep a little bit more.  Take my vitamins.  Mediate.  Be easier on myself.  Go watch more sunsets.  Eat healthier food.  Travel to places I haven’t seen.  Practice gratitude and appreciate.  Write more, and work harder.  Smile :)  So, with this new year, these are my intentions, writing them down, so I can’t escape them.  And 2018 is really about growing my company and entertaining my soul.  My soul knows best, a lot better than my mind, and I intend to grow and prosper in work and pleasure !  

File Jan 05, 5 19 28 PM.png
File Jan 05, 5 13 07 PM.jpeg


What are your intentions for the new year ?  Let’s make this year count.  Let’s believe we can do what we set our minds to, what we set our soul’s to.  And feel free to ‘share your story’ on our website…I believe we can all help each other…and in doing so, I know we are ultimately helping ourselves.  


Happy New Year !