Believe In Your Dreams

I LOVE my dreams when I have them. They are sometimes pretty crazy, having no meaning whatsoever, but sometimes, they feel very informative and very cool, so much that I feel I’m being given a message from a higher source, like a secret that’s meant for me to go aah hah! Well, last night I had one of those dreams, and of course, I want to share the message with whomever wants to hear it!

So in the dream, I was chatting with a family friend, a man, who had some type of cancer, and who was having a rough time with it all. He was NOT cancer free in the dream, as I was, and he was not happy about his situation. And he knew that I had just finished my cancer journey and was really happy about being finished, but he was saying I didn’t deserve to be called a ‘cancer survivor’ because I didn't have to fight my cancer like he was…'“sure”, he said, “you had stage 4 cancer, but it was gone in 4 months, so basically, that’s NOT fighting cancer like most of us.”

In the dream, I remember feeling a little bit insulted because people around me where kind of starting to agree with him, like he had a point! But then, I had the aah hah moment that spoke to such a deep place in me… I said to him… “EXACTLY!!! You are very accurate…and THAT’S why I’m cancer free, THAT’S why it came, and it went so quickly, I EMBRACED it, I ACCEPTED it, I didn’t choose to fight it, I chose to learn from it, I chose to make it my friend instead of my enemy, I chose to let it heal me, and THAT’S why I survived”. And just then, his wife (still in the dream) had her aah hah moment, as she was listening to me… and she was a very wealthy, powerful woman, and finally, she understood exactly what I meant, and it made total sense to her. She then saw how her husband was trying to control his situation, how angry he was about his situation, how he was a victim, and how he was surrounding himself with walls because he was refusing to accept help…and then, as she was making sense of it all, she switched gears and wanted to help me build my company … she said something like a friend of her’s owns Bloomingdale’s and she would put me in touch with her, so I could hopefully sell them to the masses and teach people this important message. This was a total dream…but was it? OR could it be a glimpse into the future? I’ll go with the latter belief!

Anyway, I woke up from the dream and I was still in the ‘aah hah’ moment because as much as I talk about the importance of Love and Positivity, the dream made it that much clearer…accept and embrace instead of fight, and your attitude, your perception, your view of the situation will not be one of fear or anger, it will be one of acceptance, appreciation, curiosity, and trust in the universe and in it’s master plan.

It takes a lot of courage to embrace something so difficult…to embrace the unknown. It takes a lot of courage to trust in a cancer diagnosis, something that has the reputation of killing people! But what is the other option? The situation is HERE whether we like it or not. We can choose to be sad, to be a victim, to be angry, or to be combative…but that will definitely bring more stress to a very stressful situation. Maybe that also brings a familiar feeling, STRESS, so it’s easy to BE something we know how to be… but what if there was another choice in how to perceive our situation? And what it that choice helped guide the situation to a different place? What if how we see our situation predicts who we become from our situation? I’m just thinking out loud, but I know, if there’s a way to grow and evolve from every situation, that’s the outcome I would want. I rather go forward than backward, and I defiantly don’t want to stay in neutral, and not going anywhere.

I don’t know about you, but having choices is exactly what I need to feel like I’m in my power, even though power doesn’t mean you have control…and I would have never understood this attitude without my cancer journey. So, yes, I am a firm believer that every situation can be a positive OR a negative, and we are the writer’s AND characters making that decision.

And, I’m most definitely sure about one thing… I AM a fuckin cancer survivor!

Spreading Love in style …

Spreading Love in style …

xoxo Jenn